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Grape Juice (for Shabbat only):

Qty:  $5.00 22oz

Challah (for Shabbat only):

 Challah rolls $1.25          Med. $5.00


 Gefilte fish (for Shabbat only) $3.50
 Grilled Salmon Fillet with mashed potatoes or angel hair pasta $22.00


 Grilled Chicken (Boneless) $25.00 With Rice or Mashed potatoes.
 Lemon curried Chicken $25.00 With Rice or Mashed potatoes.
 Sweet n' sour Chicken $26.00 With Rice or Mashed potatoes.
 Breaded Chicken $23.00 With Rice or Mashed potatoes.
 Roasted Chicken $23.00 With  Rice or Mashed potatoes.
 Schnitzel Breaded (chicken cutlets fried) $25.00 With Rice or Mashed potatoes.
 Jumbo Chicken cutlet baguette (sandwich) $17.00


 Sweet n' sour Meat balls with spaghetti $19.00  Hamburger in a roll $12.00 
 Bistek with mashed potatoes $26.00

Stuffed Cabbage:

 Meat $16.00    Vegetarian with rice $16.00

 Potato Burekas $11.00 Half dz       Mushroom Burekas $11.00 Half dz


 Split Pea Soup $6.00    Mushroom Barley $6.00
 Vegetable Soup $6.00                      Cream of Zuccini (Dairy) $6.00


 Fresh Tossed Salad $7.00      Cole slaw $7.00
 Eggsalad deluxe with vegetables, pasta and bagel $16.00
 Tuna deluxe with vegetables, pasta and bagel $16.00

Dairy Meals:


 Eggplant parmesan $21.00          Lasagna $19.00

 Pasta $16.00  With Sauce       With mozarella cheese

 Salad Spreads


 Chumus $6.00     Moroccan Eggplant $6.00  Eggplant - babaganoush $6.00

Pastries and cakes


 Chocolate rugelach $4.00     Apple cake $5.00

 Brownie $4.00            Banana cake $4.00

  • If you would like the food wrapped for hotel ovens there is a fee of $0.50
  • Fee for delivery

Hotels in Zone 9 $5.00

Hotels in Zone 10 $5.00

Hotels in Zone 13 $5.00

Hotels in Zone 14 $5.00

Hotel Tikal Futura $10.00

Hotels in Antigua $40.00

Hotel Vista Real $10.00

  • Click here for our bakery order form.  (Please submit each form separately.) 
  • Food delivered on Friday for Shabbat will be sent out a few hours before Shabbat.

Total price for order:  + Delivery:

I will pay for my food order with a secure order form that will be e-mailed to me after I receive my food.
I will mail in a check with the complete payment.